The World of Strawberry Shortcake

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My Vintage Strawberry Shortcake Collection


Hi there and welcome to my website! 

My site has been setup to showcase my Vintage Strawberry Shortcake collection.  I am a relatively new collector - only starting to put this together from early 2006 but I think my collection so far is just great!



Some Background on Strawberry Shortcake

In 1979, Strawberry Shortcake was created by the American Greetings Corporation, first appearing on birthday cards and progressing to story-books, animated TV shows and toys.  She lived in a place called Strawberry Land and the mythology built around herself and her friends meant they had names based on sweet food treats.

Kenner began producing dolls late in 1979 and would continue them until the 1980s when the appearance of the 'Cabbage Patch Kid' virtually wiped the Shortcake dolls out.  The original dolls were made in two sizes - 14cm and 9cm.  They had vinyl heads, arms and legs attached to a tiny plastic body.  Dolls wore removeable outfits, allowing them to be re-dresed in the Berry Wear outfits that were also sold.

In 1993 the 14cm dolls were re-released by Toy Headquarters (THQ) but the dolls had different markings and quite a different appearance (now including eyebrows), as well as different clothes.  Their value is lower than the original Kenner dolls.



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